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Get It Free prides itself on being featured on TV and it connected over 30,000 free samplers to free samples in one month. Exciting! How could I go wrong?
In order to check out free samples you are required to sign-up. So I did.

Next I had to take a survey….and so I did that too. During the survey, depending on my answer, a special offer would appear.
I could choose whether or not I was interested in the offer. The offers I was exposed to were not free sample offers but rather survey sites. Once the survey was finished a page loaded with specific free sample offers targeted toward me. When I clicked the button to check out my free samples it took me to yet another survey. At one point two pages automatically opened and one told me to confirm while the other repeated the same survey I had already completed and it was here that I discovered that I must sign up for Quality Health newsletters or I couldn’t go any further.
Ok so I thought I may have made an error so I checked my email to see if there were any messages from Get It Free. There weren’t but there were two survey offers which I did sign up for…just out of curiosity but you don’t have to. In the meantime another page had opened with timed & current offers. I saw a free sample offer that I was interested in, clicked on it, and then it took me to a page that determines whether or not I qualified for that particular free sample. I did. Once I arrived at the free sample page I had to take yet another small survey. Finally I had made it to the mailing form. I refrained from continuing when I was asked to fill in my phone number, not an option but a requirement. I don’t like giving out my phone number…it’s just too easy to then receive numerous, annoying calls from some of the companies that Get It Free features. Some of the companies featured declare that they can call you in their Terms & Agreements , even if you are on a No Call list so it’s important that you read each & every one of the individual companies’ Terms & Conditions as well as their Privacy Policies. In other words, don’t get excited about a free product sample and just click to get it… Read First which is generally a good habit to get into anyway. I just didn’t have the time to figure out when I had left Get It Free and landed on a different web site and when I had not. For me, this is too time consuming and too easy to make a mistake. If you’re not in a hurry though, you may not be bothered by this fact.
If you don’t mind taking survey after survey, or having a web site decide if you qualify for a free sample that you are interested in or not, or giving your phone number out knowing it could adversely affect you; then Get It Free may be the perfect place for your next free sampling venture.
Although I personally did not enjoy Get It Free at all…perhaps you will.

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