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Working to keep the win-win in postage free sampling.

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Have you ever purchased a new or different product to try only to find that it didn’t work? Taste very well? Perform as advertised?
Honestly, do you believe a commercial advertisement over a friend’s product review?
I don’t.
When an advertisement is promoting a product it is for sales. When my friend promotes a product it is an honest review.
You save yourself time and money when you try before you buy.
Most companies that offer freebies, coupons and deals believe that their product will be the latest consumer rave. This word-of-mouth advertising concept is nothing new. It is tried and true.
Companies offer free samples to consumers to try before they buy. Companies generally pay the postage.
Please only sample products that you are interested in.
If you like that product, pay-it-forward. Buy it and spread the word.
If you dislike that product, pay-it-forward. Don’t buy it and spread the word.
FreeBeeBuzz makes every effort to promote honest sampling.
Please be frugal not wasteful.

Happy Sampling!

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